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I absolutely love to read and enjoy writing about a variety of topics, from sex work to social issues to poetry. (If you can't think of what to get me, books make wonderful gifts.)  

Below you can find links to my blogs, which I update as frequently as I can.

Black Venus In Furs – Medium


Gold in the Rock, Oil in the Seed – Politics are futile, Poetry is fertile. The Truth is Within, and Eternal. (

We need to rethink how sex workers are portrayed in pop culture – gal-dem

Black Venus In Furs – Dangerous forces lies within me- want to hear about them? (

I am also founder of Sex and Rage, a sex worker led organisation resisting stigma and shame through sex education. As an educator, I enjoy facilitating workshops and discussions around intimacy, BDSM, kink, striptease, impact play, breathe play and more. To enquire more about  Sex and Rage, email or enquire through the website.

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